Where melodies rise with the sun…

All you need is love and... dance!


Music for your event, wedding or party…

We create musical settings for ceremonies, wedding parties, company events, special occasions and banquets. Our musical settings take the form of concerts, recitals, shows and “musical gifts”.

Singing and DJ

An ultra modern and popular form of musical setting for all kinds of events, consisting of music played by DJ with additional live singing performances and hosting conducted in the style of a “radio- broadcast”.

This service is particularly recommended for those who value musical variety – an excellent solution for events and parties with participants of different ages and tastes. Possible variations: DJ plus one female singer, DJ plus two female singers, DJ plus two singers – female and male. If your event requires the latest chart hits, classic songs from the days of your youth, cover versions of your favourite songs plus the additional excitement that comes with live performers, then this form of musical setting is for you!

Piano and singing

This most classical of all classical instruments can add a touch of elegance to your ceremony and set a stylish tone! We recommend a duet – piano plus female vocalist or a trio ― piano plus two female vocalists. These musicians can perform a selection of the greatest dance classics of the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties as well as more recent hits. We can also create a unique atmosphere with spectacular performances of jazz and blues standards. Come with us on a nostalgic trip full of unforgettable romantic hits and a selection of the best French chansons.

Live band

As real music lovers all know very well, there is nothing quite like a good band playing 100% live. What we offer depends on what you prefer. You can choose music performed by bands consisting of three, four or five musicians plus vocalists – guitar, piano, bass, drums and vocals.

The magic of jazz… trumpet, double bass, saxophone

For special occasions and for connoisseurs thirsty for their favourite sounds in jazz and swing styles, we can invite a saxophonist, double bass player and trumpeter to play along with us!

After all, “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!”

International events and marriages

Hosting of multilingual events

We can provide all the necessary translation and interpreting services that you need during international events or whenever a ceremony needs to be hosted in several languages – PL, DE, EN, ES, FR.

Weddings and marriages

Our speakers and interpreters can conduct ceremonies with the participation of foreign guests who speak any of the languages on offer – entertainment and games, opening ceremonies and speeches. We can offer full interpreting of church wedding services and – if you wish – we can accompany you in the registry office for the official formalities prior to the church wedding.

Company events

We can conduct company events in the range of languages on offer (DE, EN, ES, FR, PL) during which we can interpret all the speeches and performances as required. If you would like to bring together all the participants in the event who speak a variety of languages and would like to be understood by all of them we recommend our services in the area of multilingual hosting, interpreting and translating.

Special occasions

Hosting in two, three or four languages is excellent for events and special occasions featuring participants from different corners of the world. We can understand and communicate with all of them – we guarantee that we can get every party started!

Sound engineering

We have a professional sound system at our disposal with exactly the right technical specifications for small and medium indoor events and for small outdoor concerts and performances, small festivals, discos and parties, banquets, weddings and marriages, company events or conferences.

The sound systems manufactured by the most cutting-edge companies (Turbosound, Behringer) incorporate advanced technology (“Acoustic Integration”), which translates into high quality clean audio.

We employ a professional and experienced sound engineer who guarantees a high standard of performance regardless of the event. The quality of the sound engineering results from the fusion of advanced technology and necessary “know– how”, which in turn delivers the best possible acoustics for the full enjoyment of music.

Creating of event scenarios

We can create tailor-made scenarios for any event, taking into consideration your suggestions, preferences and expectations.

We will choose the appropriate form, tone and style for the event together with you. Then we will select the right entertainment, team games, as well as any additional attractions as required.

We are open to all kinds of ideas no matter how unconventional and are not particularly restricted by formality. Surprise your guests and let yourself be surprised! The scenario of your event will be like a good suit – made to measure!

Fun and games for children

Children at wedding

Kids at a wedding…? No problem, with us they won’t get bored!

We can organise an artistic performance for the little ones, along with various forms of entertainment and fun and games so they can have a good time too! You get some quality conversation and relaxation with the adults while your children have the time of their lives.

Unusual birthday party with fun and games

Give your child an original birthday present…!

The surprise of one hour or two hours of fun and games will make this birthday one to remember for years to come. Entertainment like “An Indian village” or “Pirate’s ship” are fun-packed and unique experiences bursting with laughter and fun! We heartily recommend such an option for you and your children!

Something special

Be inspired and enthused about the charm of the Stołowe Mountains, the magic of the local landscapes, wood silence, space and air smelling very different to the air in a city.

A wedding party in the Land of the Mountain Spirit

These breathtaking landscapes may become a background of your wedding party. Such an important ceremony should take place in the most beautiful scenery – the green of trees, the majesty of the mountains and harmony of the nature will add some charm and create truly fairy-tale atmosphere!

We will think about the rest and take care of comprehensive organisation of your stay and wedding party in the Stołowe Mountains – starting from accommodation for guests in a hotel or a boarding house, through selection of a suitable banquet hall to musical setting. Welcome to the Land of the Mountain Spirit and we wish you all the unforgettable! Feel yourself invited.

A banquet at Rübezahl – Corporate team building parties

Corporate team building parties and stay in the Stołowe Mountains

In the Land of Rübezahl – a folklore mountain spirit living in the Stołowe Mountains, everything is fairy-tale and unusual, hm… “Unusual stones” – a throne, a rock column, a table and even a camel, a mammoth as well as “Emily’s head” belonging to the ungrateful beloved of the Rübezahl… These strange items and figures are the names of fantastic rock forms thanks to which the landscape of the Stołowe Mountains is truly unique in Poland and Europe. Equally out of ordinary, diverse and interesting is our whole region – bordering on the Czech Republic, located in forests and mountains, playing an active role in cultural life, rich in tourist attractions and opportunities at any time in the year.

Being aware of these advantages, we highly recommend the Stołowe Mountains region as a great place for organisation of corporate parties as well as team building stays. You can find with us a quiet oasis amid the hustle of a great city, you will breathe with fresh mountain air and at the same time you will experience a lot of emotions and adrenaline, while spending interesting and active time! In the summer hikes in the mountains, climbing or visiting nearby health-resorts, in the winter downhill or cross-country skiing, freshly weighed beer served in local breweries on the Czech side and in the evenings – a concert, a banquet or a party until dawn – that’s our plan for a successful team building event in one of few charming town placed here.

We will take care of comprehensive organisation and planning of your stay in the Stołowe Mountains, including the attractions related to sightseeing and organisation of a team building party. We invite to contact us to familiarize yourself with our detailed offer.